2020 Winter Registrations

Online Registrations

Baseball NSW are mandating that baseball registrations (and the payment of fees) for all players (both junior and senior) are to occur via their new Sports Club HQ online registration platform, similar to how other sporting codes across Australia are registering their players.

Some important points to note:

  • Please note that as part of the registration process you will be required to make payment of your fees via a credit card.
  • When registering more than one player, it is HIGHLY recommended that you register one player at a time, and closing your browser before registering any additional players.

Steps to Register a Player

This year to try and simplify it for both the Club and Parent/Player we have broken the process into 2 portions, so once you click onto the dedicated Illawong Marlins registration link (shown below) it will launch into both parts of the registration process. The first portion is a Google Form to collect all the sundry information the Club needs from the player, and the second portion are the details Baseball NSW and Baseball Australia need plus it is where you will make the payment of fees. You will complete the following steps:

  1. Complete the Google Form portion for club specific information. At the last step of this, there is a link which will launch the Baseball NSW specific section.
  2. In the Baseball NSW (Sport Club HQ) section, create a new account (or log in if you already have an account)
  3. Fill in the basic PLAYER details
  4. Select your registration products which are applicable to the player you are registering. NB: Register 1 player at a time
  5. A few more miscellaneous details (Emergency contact details, etc)
  6. Summary of what you are registering for
  7. Payment by credit card
  8. Confirmation. You will now receive an order number and a welcome email to your designated email address.


Active Kids Vouchers from the NSW Government

Unfortunately, the online registration system cannot handle the NSW Active Kids Vouchers. You will need to fully register your child, and the club will hold a separate night where the Active Kids Vouchers will be collected and processed. And once the club has the money, it will be paid back to you.

2019-2020 Fees

  • National - Is the national component of the fees levied by Baseball Australia (mandatory)
  • BNSW - Is the state component of the fees by Baseball NSW (mandatory)
  • Club and Association - Is the club and local association fees levied by the Illawong Marlins and the playing Association.

Traditionally, all of these components have always been there, the only difference this season is that they are all dissected for visibility.

Player fees for juniors are based on the playing charter they are registering to play in. All our club fees cover ALL playing expenses, except Team Photos and social events.

  • Juniors
    • $270 if they did NOT play over summer
    • $165 if they played over summer
    • We are a registered Active Kids Sport provider and can accept your $100 vouchers to reduce your fees.
  • Adults
    • $325 if you did NOT play over summer
    • $210 if you played over summer

Need help

If you need help, have any questions or encounter any difficulties during the registration process please feel free to contact our club committee via email on registrations@illawongbaseball.com.au

So let's "PLAY BALL" .... click on the registration link below and sign up

Illawong Marlins Baseball Club Registration Form